A Decalogue for the Work of the Future

Artificial Intelligence is about to change everything. Many tasks will change or disappear. We need to act in time: this is how we imagine the professions of tomorrow

Francesco Carrubba


Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

Given that between now and 2027, within just four years, several professions will change or disappear, it is good to act in advance. On the other hand, the boom in Artificial Intelligence and tools such as Chat GPT represent an epochal turning point, a real revolution that will affect all sectors.

In this article for Dealogando, I discussed all those topics and more. The result was a Decalogue that tries to imagine what employment should be like in the coming years.

I compiled it with the help of four experts whom I will never stop thanking for their collaboration and availability: the Doctor of Psychological Techniques Patrick Facciolo, the journalist and writer Elisabetta Ambrosi, the Labor Lawyer Andrea Ottolini, and the expert of technology Marco Schiaffino.

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